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UK Self Sponsor Skilled Worker 🇬🇧

What is Self Sponsor Skilled Worker Visa Program?

The UK Self-Sponsor Skilled Worker Visa Program is a gateway for skilled professionals / business owners to independently sponsor their own visa application. Tailored for individuals with valuable skills and expertise, this program empowers applicants to navigate the immigration process autonomously. It offers a flexible pathway for skilled workers to contribute their talents to the UK’s workforce, fostering personal and professional growth.

Benefits of Self Sponsor Skilled Worker Visa Program

Settlement Pathway

The program may serve as a pathway to permanent residency, providing long-term stability for skilled workers and their families.

Global Networking

The program facilitates networking opportunities and partnerships with other businesses and strategic alliances.

Career Growth

Applicants gain the opportunity to strategically expand their career into the UK, tapping into a robust and diverse market.

Economic Prosperity

Contributing to the UK economy, businesses play a pivotal role in driving innovation and supporting economic growth.

Self Sponsor

Professionals have the flexibility to independently sponsor their visa application, providing greater control and autonomy.

Global Standing

The program offers businesses a platform to strengthen their global presence by establishing operations in a key international market.

UK Expansion Worker Visa Eligibility

Established or New Business

You may become eligible for this program if you have any existing business in UK or want to start/acquire new business.

Financial Capability

Applicants may need to show evidence of financial capability to support themselves in the UK.

Local Director

An applicant who does not have any UK company already, needs to have a local director who is in UK.

Sponsorship License

The business needs to have a Sponsorship License in order for it to issue a Skilled Visa for the Applicant.

Financial Investment​

Businesses need to detail their financial investment in the business project, showcasing a genuine commitment to the UK market.​

Be Hands-On

Commit to actively managing and participating in your work's day-to-day operations in the UK

Your 8 Step Process to Success


Research & Planning

Begin by thoroughly researching the UK Market and assessing the viability of your business.


Assess Eligibility

Seek legal advice to understand the regulatory landscape and legal requirements specific to your industry and the UK market.


Financial Planning

Develop a comprehensive financial plan, detailing the funds required for the business.


License Application

Submit your Skilled Worker License application to the relevant authorities.


License Approval

Upon approval, receive your Skilled Worker License, further to which you can apply for Visa.


Visa Application

Prepare and submit your application to UK Home Office for Skilled Worker Visa.


Due Diligence

Authorities will review your application with program requirements.


Visa Approval

Upon approval, receive your Skilled Worker Visa (3/5 Years) to further settle in the UK

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Frequently Asked Questions

The UK Self-Sponsor Skilled Worker Visa Program is a gateway for skilled professionals / business owners to independently sponsor their own visa application.

Eligible applicants include skilled workers from outside the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland who have a job offer in a skilled occupation from a UK employer (can be their own business with a local director) that holds a valid sponsor license.

The visa allows skilled workers to live and work in the UK for up to five years, with the opportunity to extend their stay or apply for settlement (indefinite leave to remain) after five years. It also provides access to the UK’s healthcare and education systems.

Yes, visa holders can bring their spouse/partner and children under the age of 18 as dependents. They can also work or study in the UK during their stay.

Yes, visa holders can switch jobs without needing to apply for a new visa as long as the new job meets the requirements of the Skilled Worker Visa and the employer holds a valid sponsor license. However, they must inform the Home Office of any changes to their employment.

The usual timeline for the UK Self-Sponsor Skilled Visa is 4-6 Months. Yes, Local Director is required.

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