Portugal D2 Visa

Portugal D2 Visa Program 🇵🇹

What is Portugal D2 Visa Program?

The Portugal D2 Visa, or Entrepreneur Visa, invites entrepreneurs and investors to establish and run businesses in Portugal. Tailored for innovation and economic growth, it’s a pathway for business enthusiasts to contribute to Portugal’s vibrant landscape, combining professional success with a rich cultural experience.

Benefits of Portugal D7 Visa Program

Settlement Pathway

The D2 Visa allows non-European Union citizens to obtain residency in Portugal, providing an attractive option for those looking to live in the country.

Network Growth

The program provides networking opportunities with the local business community and investors.

Business Growth

The program encourages innovation and supports the growth of businesses, fostering entrepreneurship.

Business Presence

Entrepreneurs can establish an international business presence, tapping into global opportunities.

Cultural Immersion

Entrepreneurs have the opportunity to experience Portugal’s rich cultural heritage and lifestyle.

Europe Access

Entrepreneurs gain access to the European markets through Portugal’s strategic location.

Portugal D2 Visa Eligibility

Business Plan

Applicants must present a comprehensive business plan outlining their entrepreneurial venture in Portugal, including details about the business activities, investment plans, and expected economic impact.

Financial Investment​

Businesses need to detail their financial investment in the business project, showcasing a genuine commitment to the Portugal market.​


Evidence of suitable accommodation arrangements in Portugal is necessary for the applicant and any accompanying family members.

Financial Capability

Demonstrating sufficient financial resources to establish and operate the proposed business is crucial. This includes funds for initial investment, operational costs, and personal living expenses.

Personal Background

The applicant and the family should have a clear Criminal and Medical History for applying under this visa category.

Your 8 Step Process to Success


Assess Eligibility

Seek legal advice to understand the regulatory landscape and legal requirements specific to Portugal D@ Visa.


Prepare Documents

Once you are eligible, start by collecting all relevant documents such as business plan, housing documents etc.


Initial Application

Prepare and submit your D2 Application to the relevant authorities ensuring all relevant documents are provided.


Due Diligence

Authorities will review your application with program requirements. Make sure to submit all updated information only.


Initial Approval

Upon successful review, you will be notified of the visa approval. You will then be granted a 90-120 Days Visa to travel Portugal and complete your SEF Appointment.


SEF Appointment

Upon traveling to Portugal, you will attend your SEF Appointment and submit relevant documents.


Residency Approval

Once the residency application is approved by the Government, you will receive 2 Years Residency which can be further renewed for 3 more years.


Renewal Application

Stay Requirements – 6 Months in a Year consecutive or 8 Months non-consecutive to be eligible for renewal. Apply for settlement post 5 years.

Let’s discuss the details

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Portugal D2 Visa, also known as the Entrepreneur Visa, is a type of residency permit for individuals who wish to start a business or invest in Portugal.

Eligibility for the D2 Visa includes individuals who have a viable business plan and intend to invest in a Portuguese company or start their own business in the country.

Yes, investing in real estate can be a qualifying investment for the D2 Visa. However, applicants must ensure that their investment aligns with the objectives of the visa program and contributes to the Portuguese economy.

The investment requirements for the D2 Visa vary depending on the business plan and industry. Generally, applicants must demonstrate sufficient funds to support their business venture and contribute to the Portuguese economy.

Yes, a detailed business plan outlining your proposed business activities, investment plans, financial projections, and the positive impact on the Portuguese economy is typically required as part of the D2 Visa application.

The initial validity period of the D2 Visa is typically 4 Months. The applicant needs to travel to Portugal and attend SEF Appointment and get Residency Permit (Usually 2 Years).

Yes, family members, including spouses and dependent children, can accompany the main applicant on the D2 Visa and obtain residency permits in Portugal.

While the D2 Visa offers a pathway to temporary residency in Portugal, individuals may become eligible for permanent residency or citizenship after meeting certain residency requirements, such as time spent in the country and integration criteria.

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