(Residency By Investment)

Portugal Business Visa from Dubai

Portugal is a Republic country lying on the Atlantic coast of the Iberian Peninsula in southwestern Europe. It is mixology of culture, having the essence of both northern Europe and the Mediterranean region. It is a scenic beauty with warm and fertile land. Portugal is now a modernized country with the development of a wide range of manufacturing services other than Textile and Livestock which are the primarily dominating sectors of the economy. Since the development of the country, people are immigrating for a better r standard of life and stability.


Portugal’s government in October 2012, passed a law for people who are willing to settle in Portugal. The Residency Investment Program or the Golden Visa enables a person to start a life in the country with multiple benefits. 


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Residency by Investment Program

Residency by Investment Program is the golden ticket to moving to Portugal as a permanent resident. Being a permanent resident of Portugal, one becomes a resident of the European Union and is entitled freely to visit the Schengen countries. A person above the age of 18, with good health and without any criminal records can easily apply for the Residency by Investment Program. As the name suggests, a minimum investment of €280,000 has to be made in the real estate of the country to become eligible for permanent residency in the country. The visa process takes 4-6 months. Once applying for this program, the investor has to go through various steps. The very first step is a screening of the passport done by Savory and Partners for government approval. The applicant or the investor has to visit Portugal to make the Investment in Real estate, in the form of a fixed deposit or business development. After the requirements are fulfilled for purchasing the property (3-5 working days), the necessary documents are then submitted for the Residency application. On completion of all the requirements and residency cards being issued, the investor has to visit Portugal for a week in a year for 5 years.
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