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Hungary: Where Tradition Meets Innovation in Heart of Europe

Nestled in Central Europe, Hungary invites with a rich tapestry of history, vibrant culture, and captivating landscapes. Budapest’s stunning architecture and thermal baths blend old-world charm with modern vitality. Explore Eger’s vineyards or unwind along Lake Balaton’s serene shores. Hungary seamlessly weaves tradition into a contemporary narrative, inviting you to indulge in thermal wonders and savor its unique heritage.

Geography and Nature

Hungary reveals a diverse tapestry of geography and nature. From the Great Hungarian Plain to the hilly Transdanubian region, the country offers picturesque landscapes. The majestic Danube River adds grandeur, while Budapest’s thermal baths and Balaton’s tranquil shores are cultural gems. The UNESCO-listed Aggtelek Karst showcases mesmerizing cave systems.

Culture and Heritage

In the heart of Europe, Hungary’s cultural tapestry unfolds with influences from the Celts, Romans, and Magyars. From Budapest’s historic Castle Hill to vibrant folk traditions, lively festivals, and iconic cuisine like goulash, Hungary is an invitation to celebrate a rich heritage that echoes through its architecture, traditions, and flavors.

Economy and Development

Hungary’s vibrant economy, as a European Union member, reflects steady growth. Budapest, its dynamic capital, is both a financial and cultural hub. Focused on innovation, Hungary attracts foreign investment, propelling development in manufacturing and technology. The nation actively engages in global economic collaborations for an eco-conscious future.

Business & Living Freedom

Residency in Hungary opens doors to business and investment opportunities.

Access to Public Services

Hungary offers quality healthcare services and has reputable educational institutions, making it an attractive option.

Path to Citizenship

Hungary Residency has a potential pathway for Hungary Passport.

Stability and Security

Hungary maintains a stable political environment, providing sense of security and predictability.

Hungary Residency Options

Hungary Business Visa Program

Hungary's Business Visa Program is designed to facilitate and attract international business professionals. This program provides a streamlined pathway for entrepreneurs, investors, and business executives seeking to establish or expand their business presence in Hungary.

Min. Investment

20,000 EUR

Processing Time

6-8 Months*

Visa Category

Residency – 18 Months (Renewable)

Language Test

Not Mandatory

Your 6 Step Process to Success


Initial Assessment


Program Selection


Getting Started


Submitting Documents


Due Diligence & Processing



Let’s discuss the details

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Hungary Business Visa program is designed for entrepreneurs, investors, and business professionals seeking to establish or expand their business activities in Hungary. It offers a pathway for obtaining a residence permit based on business activities.

Key benefits include the opportunity to establish and operate a business in Hungary, access to the European Union market, favorable business environment, tax incentives, and the ability to travel within the Schengen Area.

Eligibility criteria typically include having a viable business plan, sufficient funds to invest or operate a business in Hungary, relevant experience or expertise in the chosen business field, and meeting any other requirements set by Hungarian authorities.

The Hungary Business Visa program welcomes various types of businesses, including startups, technology companies, manufacturing enterprises, service providers, and consulting firms, among others.

The application process involves submitting a business plan detailing the proposed business activities, demonstrating sufficient funds for investment or operation, completing the necessary forms, undergoing a background check, and attending an interview, if required.

While there is no specific minimum investment requirement, applicants are expected to demonstrate a substantial investment or business activity that contributes to Hungary’s economic development and job creation.

Yes, family members, including spouses and dependent children, can accompany the main applicant and obtain residence permits based on family reunification.

While the Hungary Business Visa program offers numerous benefits, applicants should be aware of any restrictions or limitations, such as the requirement to maintain active business operations, comply with Hungarian tax laws, and fulfill any reporting obligations.

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