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What is PNP Entrepreneur Program?

The Canada PNP Entrepreneur Stream invites visionary entrepreneurs to shape their Canadian business dreams. Tailored to each province’s priorities, this program seeks individuals with the zeal to invest, innovate, and leave a lasting mark. From expressing interest to gaining nomination, it’s a journey that signifies commitment and collaboration. Beyond entrepreneurship, it’s about enriching Canada’s cultural and economic fabric, turning aspirations into ventures aligned with innovation and growth.

Benefits of PNP Entrepreneur Program

Pathway to PR

It’s not just a visa; it’s your ticket to a permanent home in Canada. The program provides a pathway to settling down and building a lasting life in this welcoming country.

Local Networking

Having direct access to local markets isn’t just good for business; it’s like becoming part of a community where your ideas can truly take root and flourish.

Business Potential

It’s not just about starting a business; it’s about finding the right fit. The program tailors opportunities to align with the unique economic needs of the province.

Province Guidance

The support and resources from the provincial government are like a guiding hand. It’s not just about paperwork; it’s about having someone there to help you.

Engaging Locally

Beyond business success, the program encourages you to actively engage with and contribute to the local community. It’s about creating connections.

Quality of Life

It’s not just about work; it’s about life. The program opens the door to a Canadian life filled with excellent healthcare, education for your family.

PNP Entrepreneur Program Eligibility

Business Journey

Typically, applicants are required to demonstrate a minimum level of business management or ownership experience. This might include experience as an owner or senior manager of a successful business.

Financial Stability

The numbers on your balance sheet matter, but they also want to know that you've got the financial muscle to embark on this entrepreneurial journey. It's about both your personal and business assets.

Research & Business Plan

A detailed and well-structured business plan is a crucial component of the application. This plan should outline the proposed business, its viability, and its potential economic impact on the province.

Speak the Language

Proficiency in English or French is typically required to ensure effective communication in a business environment. Applicants may need to provide language test results as part of their application.

Ownership Stake

Entrepreneurs may be required to hold a significant ownership stake in the business, ensuring a genuine commitment to its success. This stake often comes with specific percentage requirements.

Financial Investment

Yes, there's a monetary investment, but it's also an investment in the community. They're looking for individuals ready to put their capital to work in a way that benefits not just their pockets but the local economy.

Minimum Investment & Net Worth Requirements


Minimum Investment:

Within GTA – CAD 600,000

Outside GTA – CAD 200,000

Minimum Net Worth:

Within GTA – CAD 800,000

Outside GTA – CAD 400,000


Minimum Investment:

Rural Stream – CAD 100,000

Foreign Graduate Stream – CAD 100,000 (Urban) & CAD 50,000 (Regional)

Minimum Net Worth:

Rural Stream – CAD 300,000

Foreign Graduate Stream – Standard Settlement Funds

British Columbia

Minimum Investment:

Base Stream – CAD 200,000

Regional Pilot – CAD 100,000

Minimum Net Worth:

Base Stream – CAD 600,000

Regional Pilot – CAD 300,000

Nova Scotia

Minimum Investment:

CAD 150,000

Minimum Net Worth:

CAD 600,000


Minimum Investment:

Entrepreneur Pathway – CAD 250,000 (Winnipeg Metropolitan Region) & CAD 150,000 (Outside Winnipeg Metropolitan Region)

Farm Investor Pathway – CAD 300,000

Minimum Net Worth:

Entrepreneur Pathway – CAD 500,000

Farm Investor Pathway – CAD 500,000


Minimum Investment:

CAD 300,000 (Regina & Saskatoon) & CAD 200,000 (Other Regions)

Minimum Net Worth:

CAD 500,000

Your 8 Step Process to Success


Choosing a Province

The first chapter involves choosing a province that resonates with your business goals. It’s like selecting the backdrop for the next phase of your entrepreneurial journey.


Eligibility Check

Conduct a pre-screening to ensure you meet the basic eligibility criteria, such as business experience, net worth, and language proficiency. 


Expression of Interest

You may need to submit an EOI to indicate your interest in the program. The EOI typically includes information about your business background, experience & proposed business plans.


Invitation to Apply

If your EOI is successful, you may receive an ITA from the province. This formal invitation signals that the province is interested in your business proposal.


Business Plan

Prepare a comprehensive business plan that outlines your proposed business, objectives, analysis, projections, and the potential economic impact on the province.


Submit Application

Complete the official application form provided by the province. Include all required supporting documents.


Due Diligence

The application is thoroughly reviewed and multiple Due Diligence checks are completed for Individual & Business


Get Approval

Upon approval, receive your Canadian Work Permit to further move to Canada and establish the business and fulfill the committed contributions.

Let’s discuss the details

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Canada PNP Entrepreneur Program is a pathway for experienced business owners or entrepreneurs to immigrate to Canada and establish or invest in a business in a specific Canadian province or territory.

Each Canadian province or territory operates its own Entrepreneur Program under the PNP, with specific eligibility criteria and application processes. Successful applicants receive a provincial nomination, which can expedite the immigration process for permanent residency.

The program offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to establish or invest in a business in Canada, contribute to the local economy, and obtain permanent residency for themselves and their families.

Eligibility criteria vary between provinces but typically include having a viable business proposal, demonstrating relevant business experience, meeting minimum investment thresholds, Minimum Net Worth and committing to actively managing the business in Canada.

The required investment varies depending on the province or territory and the nature of the proposed business. Investments may include capital investments, job creation, or other economic contributions to the local economy. The Investment Starts with CAD 100,000

Yes, successful applicants can include their spouse or common-law partner, as well as dependent children, in their immigration application. Family members are typically eligible for permanent residency status.

Processing times vary depending on the specific province or territory and the volume of applications received. Generally, applicants can expect a processing time of  8-12 Months

While the PNP Entrepreneur Program can lead to permanent residency in Canada, citizenship eligibility requires additional residency and other requirements to be met, typically after 3 years of living in Canada as a permanent resident.

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