Uk Investor Visa

UK Innovator Visa from Dubai

The UK has opened its doors to allow investors and entrepreneurs to establish themselves there and settle. The UK Innovator Visa is one such approach in this direction. It is granted to entrepreneurs with an innovative business idea with the vision of starting a company in the UK and to those experienced businesspersons who wish to expand their business in the UK. With the help of this visa, business owners can get access to the booming UK market. Here’s your opportunity to grow your company, attract more clients globally, make money, and give back to the community by generating jobs. If you have a ground-breaking business idea and wish to avail UK innovator visa from Dubai, Inzeit Consultants can assist you in your documentation process of your immigration journey.

Eligibility Requirements for UK Innovator Visa

An endorsing body must evaluate your company’s innovation, viability, and scalability before you can submit an application. They must be convinced that you will work only in the UK to establish your business. Once they are satisfied that your company qualifies, they will provide you with an endorsement letter. It cannot be more than three months before the date of your UK innovator visa from Dubai application that your endorsement letter is issued. You must be able to demonstrate that –
  • Your business concept is new; you cannot join an already trading business
  • Your business idea should be innovative, meaning it should be an original business idea
  • Your business is viable and must have the potential for growth
To qualify for this visa, you must also meet a set of the following requirements:
  • Meet the English language requirement
  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Be able to prove that you have enough money in your own account to cover your expenses while you are in the UK.

Documents for UK Business Visa from Dubai

You must provide an endorsement letter with your application to demonstrate that a sponsoring organisation has assessed your company or business concept. In addition to that, you also need to provide:
  • A valid passport or a document showing your identity and nationality
  • Bank records showing that you have at least £1,270 in savings for at least 28 days before applying
  • English language test results
  • Evidence of investment funds
The application process for a UK Innovator visa is online. If you want your partner and/or children to apply, they will have to apply separately.

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If you wish to apply for the UK innovator visa from Dubai, Inzeit Consultants are here for you. We aim to make your immigration process as hassle-free as possible. At Inzeit Consultants, we provide a streamlined visa application process to simplify your immigration journey. Inzeit consultants also assists investors in citizenship by investment programme who wish to settle in the United Kingdom through investment. We guarantee you professional guidance and assistance throughout your immigration!
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