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Insider’s guide to Canada Residency by Investment

It’s a widely accepted fact that Canada is among the ten nations where it’s simplest to launch a business. This is a result of the nation’s abundant natural resources, highly skilled labour force, and solid political system. Furthermore, to diversify and grow its economy, Canada is also seeking immigrants with the business acumen, talent, and innovation necessary to launch, run, or acquire a company there. With new Canada residency by investment, Canada aims to be assured of the continued growth of its economy.


People who wish to invest in their future and move to Canada with your business enterprise have several investment immigration programs available that allow them to obtain Canadian citizenship. Furthermore, if your application for business immigration is approved, your family can move to Canada with you.


Let’s examine the many Investment Immigration programs that are accessible to people who want to move to Canada in more detail.

Canada Residency by Investment

Start-up visa

Canada’s Start-up Visa Program has been initiated for entrepreneurs who wish to immigrate to Canada and want to establish and grow their own businesses there. This program also helps immigrant entrepreneurs who have the intriguing skills and potential to establish innovative businesses that can compete on a global level and create jobs for Canadians. People who wish to obtain a Canada start-up visa from Dubai must check the list of designated organizations that will help them move their business to Canada.

Self-Employed Persons Program

Also known as the “Entrepreneur” or “Business Class” Program, the Self-Employed Persons Program targets those immigrants who wish to become self-employed in Canada. To apply for a visa under this program, the applicants must have experience as an athlete, artist, farmer, or cultural worker.

Provincial Entrepreneur Visa Programs

The Canada Provincial Entrepreneur Visa Programs are a suitable option for foreign nationals who want to immigrate to Canada, start their own business or purchase an existing one in a Canadian province.


These programs are a pathway to citizenship and permanent residence for qualified professionals with business experience who have the financial ability and desire to commence a new business or buy an existing one.


Below listed are the advantages offered by Canadian citizenship –

  • International Mobility: With a Canadian Passport, one can travel without a visa to 184 countries such as Japan, the United States, Japan, Australia, Hong Kong, and the European Union.
  • Immense business opportunities: Canada has opened doors to numerous business opportunities for applicants by signing double taxation treaties with many countries around the world.
  • Dual Citizenship: Canadian Authorities recognize dual citizenship. Therefore, applicants can keep their original citizenship along with their Canadian citizenship.
  • Prestigious Education: Secondary Education in the country is funded by the Canadian government. Furthermore, the universities have loyal admission conditions.
  • Citizenship for the family: The family members are also granted the opportunity to live in the nation and acquire Canadian citizenship through investment.
  • High-Quality health care: People with Canadian citizenship have access to free health insurance in an advanced healthcare system.
  • Higher standards of living: Canada ranks among the top countries to live in and offers a high level of standards and citizen protection.
  • Pension benefits: Attractive pension for older citizens and other benefits.

Documents required for Canadian Citizenship

An applicant must have the following documents to apply for Canadian citizenship under the Canada Citizenship by Investment programs:

  • A complete application form;
  • Translated and notarized copies of passports of all family members mentioned in the application;
  • Marriage of birth certificate;
  • Proof of kinship (for family applications);
  • Clearance certificate by Police for all family members;
  • Evidence for confirmation of financial position;
  • Bank statements, certificate of ownership of the real estate, constituent documents, appraisers’ reports;
  • Photographs;
  • Receipt of payment of duty;
  • Confirmation of investment of the required amount in the Canadian economy.

Note: Ensure that all foreign-language documents are notarised and translated into English.

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