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Expand your Business To Canada with the ICT Program

The Intra-Company Transfer(ICT) Program (Canada ICT visa) is available to business owners who wish to extend their existing operations in Canada. Through the ICT way, you will also be able to ensure an ICT work permit and, ultimately, PR. So, thinking of considering a Canada Business Visa from Dubai? This blog covers all the advantages, application process and requirements for relocating pathways to permanent residency.


Other than the standard qualifications for an intra- company transfer, there are significant factors that are unique to the ICT scenario. To be eligible to implement the management transfer, the company establishing itself in Canada must first meet several specified standards, including the following.

Canadian Subsidiary

The intra-company transferee (ICT) is all about the existence of a single enterprise with two branches—Firstly in its native country and the other one in Canada. Furthermore, a management/employee from the company will be transferred from the home company to the Canadian branch. Consequently, if a business exists in your home country and you have previously formed a branch, subsidiary, or affiliate corporation in Canada, you already have the necessary procedures to effect the transfer of an employee. This choice is frequently chosen when there is already a connection between two or more entities.


You lack the structure necessary to benefit from the intra-company transferee (ICT) if you don’t have a branch established in Canada for at least 12 months. To use the ICT option to open a branch in Canada, there must be a parent or subsidiary company.

Physical Address

By making plans for shared space, you can secure a location. A Canadian mailing address for the Canadian branch is one of the essential prerequisites for the ICT option. Even though you are not required to lease space, it is advised to have a physical address once the Canadian subsidiary has been established, such as a rented property.


Permit to Work


It is crucial to remember that you can still seek for a work visa to be issued to the employee being moved even after incorporating the Canadian company, and the application may be denied. The Canadian entity’s existence does not assure the employee’s eligibility for a work permit. As a result, the employee must satisfy all Canadian work permit application criteria.

Financial Condition Of the Home Company

The business plan and other supporting papers you will be submitting also need to evaluate whether the company has the financial power to launch its business in Canada and pay its personnel.


Businesses must have a Plan


You must include a business plan, which is another crucial criterion to keep in mind. The business plan needs to demonstrate that your new, proposed operations in Canada have attainable goals. You must demonstrate that in the long run, your new business will hire Canadians to fill the positions that this new job will produce.


Business Management


The business must also demonstrate its ability to support an executive or managerial staff in Canada. If the individual is not going to be a manager, they must at least have industry-specific expertise and experience if they are to be transferred to Canada.

Advantages Of the ICT Programme

The ICT programme offers a straightforward strategy for expanding firms hoping to grow into a vibrant, flourishing economic sector. A few sectors where Canada is expanding gradually include natural resources, technology, health, and communication. It can be financially advantageous in the long run to invest in a Canadian office now.


  • You are allowed to live and work in Canada with your family.
  • For your business, you have access to the Canadian and American markets.
  • After one year of residing in Canada, you are qualified for Permanent Resident status.
  • You can enrol your kids in public schools in Canada.
  • There is no need for IELTS.
  • Speedy Process

Entrepreneurs who want to move to Canada might consider the ICT programme. By setting up a Canadian office, owners will be able to relocate to Canada without having to give up the business they have worked so hard to build.


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If you’re considering applying for a Canada Business Visa from Dubai through the Intra-Company Transferee (ICT) programme, visit Inzeit Consultants today. Being the best immigration consultants in Dubai, we’re delighted to answer any questions you may have and offer the best expert guidance on how to make the entire process go smoothly. Inzeit Dubai Consultants is at the forefront of offering clients high-quality services.

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