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Canada Residency by Investment: Canada PR and Citizenship

You can gain from obtaining a visa as a foreign businessperson or investor through investment immigration channels like Canada Investor Visa or residency programs. Numerous immigrant investor schemes that might result in citizenship have been developed by the Canadian government. 


Here you can learn about the business immigration programs available to you and which one is best for you.

Canada's Federal Investor Programs

The federal government has developed the following business immigration schemes.

Intra-Company Transfer (ICT)

If your business is already legally operating in your native country, you may transfer it to Canada and grow it there with the help of the ICT program! After conducting business in Canada for a year, you will often be qualified for permanent residency.


Start-Up Visa Program

The Canadian Start-Up Visa, which allows up to 5 founding partners eligible for permanent residency in Canada, is advantageous for owners of creative overseas enterprises. It’s vital to emphasize that under this program, established startups with an emphasis on encouraging innovation are favoured. The venture capital funds that are needed for this program are external investors. The process of getting permanent residency might take up to two years.


Entrepreneur Visa

For those who desire to launch a new business in Canada or invest in an existing one, the C11 Entrepreneur stream is ideal. You can apply for permanent residency after conducting your business in Canada for a year.


Program for LMIA Work Permits

Through the LMIA program, business owners and investors can get a work visa and, after working in Canada for two years, a permanent residency. This program is more specifically designed to hire international workers. 

Who Should Apply for Investor Programs?

Each of the mentioned programs has distinct qualifying criteria and application procedures, but the majority have the following features in common:

  • Has sufficient resources to purchase or establish a successful business in Canada;
  • Own a minimum of $250,000 available for investment in your Canadian company;
  • Possess the abilities required for business development and management; and
  • Capacity to establish a business in Canada using your business expertise

 If you think that you are fulfilling the requirements of business immigration and you are from the US, UK, UAE, Australia, India or any other country in the world, then you are likely to receive approval for your business immigration application. 


You should consider Canada’s residency through investment programs:

  • Investors
  • Entrepreneur
  • Self-employed person
  • Executive or senior manager
  • Skilled worker and professional

If you are unsure what kind of business or investment you’d like to do in Canada, then you should get in touch with business consultants to find a suitable opportunity and guidance.

Benefits of the Canada Residency by Investment Programs

You, your family, and your company desire to relocate to Canada for a variety of reasons. Consider this:

  • Canada’s economy is one of the world’s fastest-growing;
  • Compared to other nations, you can quickly meet the requirements for permanent residency; 
  • Multicultural and diverse Canada; 
  • Society is quite accepting of various cultures and nations; 
  • Canada encourages new enterprises and frequently offers subsidies and incentives to certain industry sectors;
  • The healthcare system in Canada is free; and

Both the cost and quality of education are relatively high in Canada.

How much investment does it take to become a Canadian citizen?

According to our experience, you will need to invest between CAD 250,000 and $350,000+ to become a Canadian permanent investor or a business owner. With such an investment, you may apply for one of Canada’s investment immigration schemes, under which, after operating your firm in Canada on a work visa for a while, you might be qualified for permanent residency.


Your investment’s size will be greatly influenced by several variables, including:


Business Type – Depending on your company’s demands, your investment during your business immigration may be smaller or greater than $250,000 to $350,000.


 Location: Canada is a big nation with vastly different markets in each location. The investment needed in larger cities is often on the upper end of the scale.


 Competition – Knowing your rivals can help you more accurately estimate the expenses of your company’s immigration. Our attorneys have a wealth of expertise assisting international business owners with immigration to Canada and providing precise cost estimates.


We are experts in Canadian marketplaces and can provide you with more thorough information on potential competitors.

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