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Australia Residency By Investment Program- How To Qualify

Is residency by investment programs in another country better than only having citizenship in one?

With incredible opportunities to explore, Australia is one of the best destinations for business people seeking new shores. Its unique location makes Australia a regional economic powerhouse and a hotbed for talent.


It gives you and your family peace of mind to know that you have an Australian home and base in times of uncertainty.


Entrepreneurs can establish or buy a business in Australia with the Australian Business Innovation & Investment Stream (Provisional) visa (subclass 188). It is a route to permanent residency with outstanding advantages for qualified candidates.


Our outstanding track record and in-depth knowledge of immigration procedures make us the ideal partner for your international venture.

Permanent Residency In Australia Through Investment Options

Australia Investor Visa

The Australia Investor Visa (IV) requires a minimum investment of 2.5 million AUD. Furthermore, Australia requires that you keep it for a minimum of three years. The investment has to be made by:

  • Investments in start-ups and small private firms total 500,000 AUD from VC and growth private equity funds.
  • The funds authorized for investing in newly listed companies will be 750,000 AUD.
  • 1 250,000 AUD in funds for investing in annuities, commercial real estate, ASX-listed businesses, Australian corporate bonds, or notes.

Under some circumstances, only funds are authorized to invest in real estate. Direct investments in residential real estate are not allowed.

Significant Investor Visa

The Australia Significant Investor Visa (SIV) requires a minimum investment of 5 million AUD. Additionally, you must keep your investment in Australia for at least three years. Following are the steps to invest:

  • 1,000,000 AUD in venture capital (VC) and growth private equity funds, which invest in start-ups and small private firms.
  • 5 million AUD in authorized funds investing in newly listed Stock Exchange companies.
  • 5 million Australian dollars in funds that may be used to buy Australian corporate bonds or notes, ASX-listed businesses, annuities, and commercial real estate.

Under some circumstances, only funds are authorized to invest in real estate. Direct investments in residential real estate are not allowed.

Conditions For Australia Residency By Investment:

Several requirements must be met to qualify for Australia Residency By Investment.


Business Knowledge:

A minimum of three years of managerial experience in one or more approved businesses or investments are required. Additionally, you need to have a track record of successful business endeavors and investments.


Having a business:

Before applying, you must have managed one of the following for at least one of the previous five fiscal years:

  • a legitimate company in which you and/or your spouse owned at least a 10% joint stake.
  • a permissible investment that you or your spouse possess.

Long-Term Residency Committed:

Your family must continue to show a real and practical commitment to settling in Australia even after your investment period has expired. Realistic desire to reside in the state or territory that supported.


Financial requirements

A minimum of 2.5 million dollars AUD in net worth has to have been moved to Australia in the last two fiscal years before applying.


Age restrictions:

You have to be younger than 55. Some states and territories might not require it. The profile evaluation test requires a 65 as well.


Potential Significant Investor Visa Candidate

Total Assets:

Have access to at least $5 million in net worth that you may spend as required.




Basic Requirements:

4 years of lawful abode and 12 months as a lawful permanent resident before application. Away from Australia in the preceding four years for a total of no more than 12 months, with no more than 90 days in any one year.


Language prerequisite:

know the fundamentals of English.



possess a solid command of the English language and be aware of your rights and responsibilities as an Australian citizen. (Upper 60 years).


Health prerequisite:

If you have already demonstrated this for the provisional visa, you do not need to do it again.


Criminal History

Every nation where you spent more than 90 days must give you a certificate of a clean criminal record.


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