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Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship by Investment-  Citizenship for Life

Did you know that citizenship in Antigua and Barbuda opens the door to a Caribbean way of life? 


Additionally, it is among the world’s most alluring tax incentive schemes! The yearly report for the Antigua and Barbuda citizenship by investment program was filed by the Country Reports service. And there was only a crash!

Continue reading to learn more about this far-off paradise and its immigration procedure.

Antigua And Barbuda- A Glance!

One of the most sought-after places in the world right now for investors looking for global prospects and new citizenship alternatives is the Caribbean.


Foreign investors may find Antigua & Barbuda Citizenship to be an appealing option because the country has modified its program eligibility and financial requirements to fit the country’s changing demands and draw in more foreign investment.


Let Inzeit Business Consultants assist you in learning about these important developments and the additional information you will need to successfully apply for naturalization before making a big, life-altering commitment to applying for citizenship by investment and an Antigua & Barbuda passport.

Antigua and Barbuda’s Investment-Based Citizenship Program

Do you want to live in Antigua & Barbuda? Or perhaps all that matters to you is the passport and the advantages it would provide for you and your family. If you invest in the nation, you can seek to become a citizen.

You could obtain citizenship in Antigua and Barbuda in just three to four months and begin taking advantage of all the benefits it offers.

You’ll be required to contribute financially in return for this.

In Antigua and Barbuda, it is unlikely that you will be seeking recoverable investment possibilities when you get a second passport.


You’ll be donating you won’t be able to get back. The true attractiveness of Antigua and Barbuda’s CBI policy is for families; if you are a lone candidate, it does not have a significant benefit over other island republics’ CBIs.

Two adults and two children, or a family of up to four, may petition for citizenship under the same investment. No matter how many members of the family there are, further fees will be applied, but the initial investment of $230,000 (including the expenses for the single application) stays the same.

The government of Antigua and Barbuda began the citizenship by investment initiative to grow the country’s economy. The procedure is hassle-free, making it ideal for investors who want to move rapidly inside the country with the best second passport agents in Dubai. The passport will be in your hands in no time at all if you invest!

The following are the benefits of investing in citizenship:

Access rights and visa-free travel:

You can enter more than 150 countries without a visa if you hold a passport from this country. You may take your family on vacation to places like the UK, Hong Kong, Singapore, and the Schengen Area of Europe. In addition, Antigua and Barbuda is a member of the Commonwealth, giving its residents access to benefits in the UK and other Commonwealth nations.


Enjoy incredible tax advantages: 

Your home is exempt from estate taxes in Antigua and Barbuda. You will have a lot of advantages if you decide to take part in the pre-approved property buy investing option. You may easily start your empire there without having to spend a lot of money on taxes because there is no tax on income or capital gains earned elsewhere in the world.


Retire to a relaxed lifestyle: 

The nation has evolved into a place where people come to unwind, retire, and live peacefully. People are friendly and laid-back, and they welcome immigrants wholeheartedly. The nation is a great backup plan for retiring and enjoying the delightfully tropical climate in peace.


Dual citizenship: 

Owning a second property in the nation is fantastic. It has air connections to both North America and Europe and is well-connected. By maintaining your citizenship in Antigua and Barbuda, you are eligible to apply for citizenship in other advanced countries like the US, UK, Germany, and others by residency by investment.


Enjoy the quickest processing time for visas:

The majority of citizenship processes across the world take longer than a year to complete; some even go beyond two years. You just need to wait four to six months to obtain citizenship in Antigua and Barbuda, though!

Antigua And Barbuda Investment Choices:

You can easily obtain the Antigua and Barbuda investment visa needed for your second citizenship. Here are the two investment choices and a ballpark figure for the price of an Antigua and Barbuda passport:


  • You must invest USD 100,000 in a property that has received government approval or in the National Development Fund Contribution.
  • If you invest USD 400,000 in a pre-approved real estate purchase, you and your family will be granted citizenship and passports of Antigua and Barbuda.

Your citizenship application must satisfy the following conditions to be accepted:


  • The primary applicant needs to be older than 18 years old.
  • The National Development Fund has a $100,000 minimum non-refundable donation requirement.
  • Real estate cannot be sold within the five-year window and must be bought with a minimum investment of USD 200,000 from an authorized real estate project. Each applicant must spend at least USD 200,000 to be eligible to make a combined investment made by two candidates.
  • Direct acquisition of an eligible firm by an individual may cost no less than USD 1.5 million. As an alternative, it might be a joint purchase in which each party puts down at least USD 400,000 for a minimum of USD 5 million.

Timeline And Procedure:

You and your family can formally become citizens of Antigua and Barbuda by following the citizenship program’s timeline and procedures. The process is straightforward, and the duration is only 4 months from the date of application.


In addition to filing and submitting the paperwork within the first month, you must also pay the advising and due diligence costs. The citizenship file must be submitted in the second month. Investing in government-approved real estate or contributing to the National Development Fund are the final steps. Along with your naturalization certificate, you will receive a passport at the fourth stage.

In conclusion, it is wise to seek expert help when applying for second citizenship. We as the best immigration consultants in Dubai are pleased to help you with the procedure. So, submit your citizenship and passport applications for Antigua and Barbuda now.

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